Four O Six Underground’s concrete work aims to deliver quality small-scale concrete services to our clients. Whether it’s a beautiful patio, a durable new driveway or a simple repair, we consistently deliver satisfying results. We are dedicated to making your home more beautiful and practical with custom and decorative concrete work.


Sidewalks, patios, residential driveways, slabs and monolithic slabs.

Residential footings & commercial curbs

Footings are critical in foundation construction in that they support the foundation and prevent settling.

Residential footings and landscape borders enhance the look of your property and serve as an effective barrier against grass.


Retaining walls
Stamped walls
Insulated concrete forms (ICF’s)

Drainage inlets

Designed to drain excess rain and ground water away from impervious surfaces like paved streets, parked cars, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks and roofs.

Beautiful concrete finishes

Broom Finish – Once a smooth concrete surface has been created a broom is dragged across the concrete to form small ridges that creates a slip resistant surface.

Stamping – Concrete stamps are comprised of panels of inlaid designs which are placed on concrete while it is still curing. Designs may consist of brick, stone or other decorative patters to provide the desired look—sometimes mimicking other common building materials.

Concrete Dyeing – Colors can be added to concrete to provide a look that better complements the architecture of the associated structure. The range of colors available is usually confined to more “earthy” variants of browns and tans although greens, blues and grays are also available. Water-based (acrylic) staining provides for a much larger number of colors. One of the most common methods of staining concrete is through the use of acid.