As a professional and experienced bore contractor, Four O Six Underground has the resources and knowledge to correctly, safely, and efficiently complete your project. Our 40 years of combined directional drilling experience paired with our use of the latest trenchless technology makes us a leader in the industry.

utility line drilling

Directional boring is a cost-effective alternative to open excavation and an essential tool in today’s environmentally sensitive construction industry. Whether it’s laying a utility distribution line through a residential neighborhood, a transmission line under a sensitive wetland, or a gas line beneath a river, minimal impact to our customer’s property and the environment is our goal.

Depending on your need, we can handle a particular component or we can turnkey the entire project for you. We bring precision and pride of workmanship to every project, and our job sites are among the safest and most well organized in the industry. As soil and rock are extracted from the bore, they are quickly contained and removed. At every site, we operate within as tight a space as safety permits creating minimal disruption to traffic and neighborhoods.

directional drilling

Directional Boring/Horizontal Drilling Services

  •    Trenchless installation of water lines, airlines, sewer lines and other utilities
  •    Installation of power, communications and gas/steel lines
  •    Direct bury of telecommunications and power cable conduits

Benefits of Boring

  • Minimal surface disruption to traffic, neighborhoods, property
  • Reduction of costs
  • Reduction of time