Four O Six Underground has the plowing and trenching equipment and experience necessary to handle all aspects of cable placement, from the largest cable laying projects to the smallest drops.

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Cable plows have revolutionized the manner in which we bury underground cables. The machine pulls along a sharp, vibrating blade which slices through the ground ahead of a metal chute and places the cable at the specified, desired depth. This technique reduces environmental impact and disruption, minimizes the need for excavation and, once completed, leaves little evidence that the insertion of a pipe or cable occurred at all.

This method of cable placement is most effective in open or rural areas where there are fewer obstacles to impede the progress of the plowing equipment.


Trenching is an excavation method that creates an open slit in the ground. It is usually used for burying pipes and utility lines, as well as drainage. Once the trench has been dug, the cable, pipe, or other utility line is placed in the trench and then the trench is filled with dirt using the “back-fill” method.

This is a burial method that is efficient and cost-effective when the project requires multiple pipes or the area is open, such as along a road, in a new construction zone, or through a field.

Keep your projects running efficiently by calling on the expert trenching services at Four O Six Underground.